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Some colouring tips, and designs from the book which I have coloured in myself.  Hopefully they will inspire you!





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Helen Elliston Inky ocean adult colouring book ill


Inky Garden: 60 large illustrations, plus some smaller pieces on the left pages.



Pssst... I've been super busy in my studio all year... and book 6 is in the making!

front cover Inky Garden colouring book by Helen El

The stages of how I coloured in this teapot design from Inky Garden.  I decided part way through that I would have the flowers at the top in the same shades as the teapot - to look as if they were only blossoming into their full colours  after being poured free from the spout.  Can you see the difference that shading the background around the flowers made to the finished piece?

The fluttering butterfly book page... large butterfly... spidergate... treelady


This is just how I have coloured them in.  Have a go yourself in your own style to make them your very own beautiful creations!

Colour & fold this stunning large, 3D paper flower!!  Simple instructions with photographs included.  Made up of give petals, all folded the same way, then glued together in the centre.

Watch my colouring tips video demos on my Amazon author page, & on my facebook page!